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Labour, Employment, & Human Resources law
"Training in law by professionals at law"
Labour related training courses
Introduction to labour law for employees

No, we’re not trying to start a riot! Sometimes, misunderstanding can cause great distress! Are you entitled to leave? Yes! Every second day? No! This course aims at educating employees in the labour legislation and in doing so making life easier for the employer and HR department.
Introduction to labour law for HR and employers

Relationships with employees are priceless, but not always easy. Employers, human resource and even legal departments are sometimes at a loss. Always hearing about what your duties and responsibilities are in terms of this Act or that? Hearing about amendments and never knowing what this now means for you? Look no further!
The basics of Disciplinary Enquiries

Disciplinary enquiries can be a time- consuming hassle that is often seen as simply a necessary step on the way to the CCMA if not properly conducted. This does not need to the case! This course aims to empower you with the necessary knowledge of the proper and effective way to conduct disciplinary enquiries in- house. 
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